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50 Years in the Industry: A Legacy of Elegance

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Here at Upper Room Furnishings, our 50th Founders Celebration is not just a marker of time but a testament to unwavering commitment and dedication. It’s a celebration of the countless homes transformed, the stories shared around dinner tables, and the lifelong bonds we’ve forged with our cherished customers. Join us as we reflect upon a half-century of design excellence, and look ahead to the next chapter of our inspiring story.

The Allan Nolan Legacy

Our narrative of quality furnishings and exceptional customer service began with Allan Nolan, a visionary entrepreneur determined to redefine the standards of interior design. Allan’s legacy encapsulates the very essence of Upper Room — a commitment to timeless elegance and an eye for detail. From the formative years at Dante Home Furnishings to the dynamic growth at Upper Room today, it’s his values that continue to inspire our brand’s ethos.

Milestones of Distinction

The evolution of Upper Room Furnishings has been marked by several milestones that have shaped and strengthened our brand.

Beginning in the 1970s with Dante Home Furnishings. This era marked the first chapter in our story, leading to the establishment of Rooms International, then evolving into Broyhill Home Collections. Each brand transition reflected our deepening understanding and passion for home decor, setting the stage for a significant evolution.

In 2004, the culmination of these experiences and a desire to embody the finest in furniture led to the birth of Upper Room Home Furnishings. Starting as a local favorite in Ottawa and expanding across the valley, our journey from Dante Home Furnishings to Upper Room has shaped and strengthened our identity in the home decor arena.

A strategic relocation in 2016 positioned us at the heart of Ottawa, allowing us to become a centerpiece in the decor community. Today, we are recognized not just for elegance, but as a trusted symbol of comfort, functionality, and style in Ottawa homes.

Our Expansive Presence: Showrooms & Distribution Excellence

Today, Upper Room Furnishings proudly stands with three elegantly appointed showrooms located across Ottawa, serving as beacons of design and style for the discerning homeowner. Each showroom is curated to inspire, showcasing our wide range of furnishings that embody sophistication and durability. It’s within these spaces that our clients can touch, feel, and visualize how our pieces will transform their homes into havens of comfort and elegance.

Beyond the showroom floors, our reach extends far and wide through our distribution center, positioned strategically to serve not only Ottawa but regions 100+ km away. This state-of-the-art facility ensures that the beauty and quality of Upper Room Furnishings can adorn homes far beyond our local community, delivering excellence directly to your doorstep. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each piece, regardless of its destination, arrives with the care and attention to detail that Upper Room is known for. This symbiotic relationship between our showrooms and distribution center underscores our commitment to accessibility, convenience, and the enduring promise to bring unparalleled style into every home.

A Storewide Appreciation Sale

In gratitude to our loyal patrons, Upper Room is delighted to extend an exclusive offer: an additional 15% off on all items storewide as our way of saying thank you. We present this as more than just a sale but as an opportunity to join in on the festivities and to claim a part of our storied legacy for your own home. From classic pieces that echo heritage to modern designs that elevate contemporary lifestyles, Upper Room offers a curation that is as diverse as it is distinguished.

Redefining Home Decor

Upper Room’s dedication to home decor goes beyond a mere retail experience. We believe in curating spaces that reflect the unique story of the individual. Our talented team of interior design experts are adept at translating your vision into reality with a touch of sophistication that’s distinctly Upper Room. Our promise to Ottawa residents has always been to deliver more than furniture — it’s about offering an escape from the ordinary, a retreat into pure style.

The Path Forward

Fifty years is a significant accomplishment, but it’s merely a stepping stone for us. Upper Room is poised at the cusp of a future filled with innovation, new collections, and a reinvigorated commitment to enhancing your home experiences.

Come Celebrate With Us

The 50th Founders Celebration of Upper Room Furnishings is not just a milestone but a beacon of the values we hold dearly. It has been an incredible journey thus far, and it is our esteemed customers who have made it possible. As we celebrate our past, we also revel in the promise of our future. And with Our Biggest Sale Ever, there’s no better time to encounter the unparalleled quality that Upper Room stands for.

Come commemorate with us — visit our store locations, explore our exquisite collections, and be part of the story that’s crafting homes into legacies. Thank you for being part of our 50 years, and here’s to many more to come.

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