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50 Years in the Industry: A Legacy of Elegance


Here at Upper Room Furnishings, our 50th Founders Celebration is not just a marker of time but a testament to unwavering commitment and dedication. It’s a celebration of the countless homes transformed, the stories shared around dinner tables, and the lifelong bonds we’ve forged with our cherished customers. Join us as we reflect upon a […]

Living a Stunning Life With Upper Room Furnishings


In the heart of Ottawa, a hub stands, one that doesn’t just cater to your love for décor but understands that it’s more than just furniture – It’s about creating a story woven into the fabrics of your home. Upper Room Furnishings isn’t just another furnishing store; it’s a sanctuary for your design aspirations, a […]

The Tremendous Impact of Your Mattress on Quality Rest

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Our sleep is as essential as the air we breathe, but how often do we consider the significant role our mattress plays in our quest for restful nights? Many of us spend six to eight hours a night nested on a slab of what is essentially a sleep sponge – yet, it’s hardly a topic […]

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